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Many legal procedures can be performed by a third party thus saving you time and effort. Stepping South has the benefit of knowing the ins and outs of many governmental departments and is able to expedite document processing substantially. Our services include document collection and delivery on your behalf, following up on applications and ensuring a fast turnaround time.

Among our document processing services, we attend to the following:
  • South African Police Clearance Certificates;

  • Authentication/attestation of documents (matric certificates, university diplomas, etc) at all Foreign Embassies as well as the Department of Education, The Department of Foreign Affairs, The Public Notary, and The High Court;

  • Evaluation of foreign qualifications by SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority);

  • Birth certificates, Registration of new births, Marriage certificates, and more; all abridged and unabridged;

  • Assistance with passport applications, expediting of process, speeding the process up by 50%;

  • Assistance with ID applications (Identity documents).
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