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Where to apply If a prospective immigrant is still abroad, at the South African diplomatic or consular representative in or nearest to his/her country of origin or country of normal residence.
If the prospective immigrant is already residing in the RSA on a valid temporary residence permit, at the nearest Regional Office of the Department of Home Affairs in the province in which he/she intends to reside permanently or intends to take up employment.
Who may apply There are different categories under which one may apply for permanent residence status. Prospective permanent residents of the RSA includes retirees; persons who wish to establish business in the RSA or who wants to invest in existing businesses; persons who wish to work in the RSA, etc.
What to submit
  • A full set of fingerprints
  • Marriage certificate/proof of spousal relationship, if applicable
  • Divorce decree/proof of legal separation, if applicable
  • Proof of custody/maintenance, if applicable
  • Death certificate iro late spouse, if applicable
  • Consent of parents iro minors, if applicable
  • Proof of judicial adoption, if applicable
  • Police clearance certificates iro all countries in which you resided for a period of one year or longer, since your 18th birthday
  • Valid temporary residence permit, if already in SA

The above-mentioned documents are the general documents applicable to all permanent residence applications. Additional documents are applicable to the different immigration categories and these are listed in the permanent residence application form, BI-947.

Acceptability of documents All documents submitted in support of a permanent residence application must be the originals or copies authenticated by the issuing authority or a certifying authority or entity of the country of origin. If applicable, all supporting documents must be translated into one of South Africa's official languages and such translations must be certified as correct by a sworn translator.
Employment in the RSA It is important to take note that the Department of Home Affairs does not assist foreigners to secure employment or to obtain offers of employment in the RSA. At the time of submitting the application for permanent residence status, foreigners who wish to take up employment in the RSA should already have secured employment and be in possession of employment contracts.
Duration and purpose of stay An application for permanent residence should only be submitted if it is your intention to reside in the RSA on a permanent basis, i.e. not for a specified period. Once permanent residence status has been obtained, you have all the rights, responsibilities and obligations of a South African citizen, except for the right to vote in South African elections and the right to make use of a South African passport. The afore-mentioned rights will only be acquired when South African citizenship is obtained in terms of the provisions of the South African Citizenship Act, 1995 (Act No 88 of 1995). As already mentioned, permanent residence status is granted for the purpose of permanent settlement in the RSA. Therefore, if you obtained such status and leave the RSA for a period of three years or longer, the Department of Home Affairs may withdraw your status, unless you inform the Department timeously and provide an acceptable reason for your stay outside the RSA.
Tariff R1 520.00 or US$ 169 or EU 152
Processing time ± 30 days
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