Stepping South cc was formed in 2003 in order to fill a gap in the market for a seamless, flexible and complete relocation support for foreigners in South Africa.

We saw the need for a dynamic and professional service provider who will work together with the HR manager to ease their workload in all expatriate related matters. At the same time the company would be the expatriate’s closest companion during their relocating to South Africa and guide them through the process of familiarisation with the country, settling in and obtaining all services and products necessary for comfortable living.

Today, through its own staff and a network of associated professional companies located throughout the world Stepping South is able to provide you with comprehensive relocation and immigration services worldwide and within South Africa all through one contact person.

Stepping South’s goal is to ensure that the new expatriate to South Africa avoids the usual pitfalls and is able to take up employment with the least amount of problems by receiving full relocation and immigration support when it comes to setting up a life in South Africa, whether it will be on a temporary or on a permanent basis.

  • Immigration assistance, work permits, study permits, permanent residence;
  • Document processing, attestations, authentications, police clearances;
  • Look and See Trips; introduction to South Africa and its facilities and infrastructure;
  • House hunting and lease negotiations;
  • Assistance in selecting schools and other educational programmes;
  • Anti-hijacking courses and briefings on safety and security;
  • Cross Cultural orientation programmes;
  • Expatriate integration and management programmes;
  • Settling in to South Africa and continuous support;
  • Property management services;
  • Utility connections;
  • Departure services;
  • Coordination of furniture removals;
  • Transfers to and from airport/hotel/business meetings;
  • Coordination of vehicle fleet management;
  • Booking of flights, hotels and rental vehicles;
  • Providing information on nanny and domestic services and interviews.

Stepping South offers real value in meeting the challenges of relocating professionals to and outside of South Africa as well as within the boundaries of our country.

Our company has the staff contingent necessary to handle large volumes of inbound expatriates but at the same time we are small enough to offer a flexible approach to each new assignment and treat each new expatriate with the understanding and undivided attention necessary to make them comfortable in their new life.

We are also very aware of each individual’s unique requirements and are able to mould our service offering through constant feedback and improvement.
  • We have the right client service team who offer professionalism, flexibility, thorough knowledge of South Africa and in depth training and understanding of the needs and requirements of the international HR manager and relocating expatriate.
  • We are dedicated to service excellence and are constantly seeking ways to improve our service offering to best suit the client’s needs.
  • We offer competitive pricing and are prepared to create packages and service offerings custom designed to match the client’s needs and budgets and when applicable, discounted for volume.


Over the past years we have been privileged to work for some of the largest and most prominent international companies and have proven track record of excellent service levels.


Senior Management

Marussia van der Merwe

is the owner of the company and has been with Stepping South since 2003. She has a BCom degree in Marketing. Marussia is always hands on and personally ensures that each client feels secure and confident in the company throughout the whole relocation process. Marussia was an expatriate to South Africa 14 years ago and from her own experience and that gained from assisting hundreds of clients has full understanding of the problems and pitfalls associated with relocating from one country to another.

Vicky Sonderling

has been with Stepping South for 4.5 years and
oversees the relocation side of the business. She holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Protection. As a past expatriate to SouthAfrica from 12 years ago she is well versed in the needs of the relocating family and has the knowledge and training to meet them.

Johan Lubbe

has been with Stepping South since 2007 and oversees our immigration services. He is a registered immigration practitioner and has an in depth knowledge of the South African Immigration Act. He is also very determined and ensures all our immigration applications are approved in record time and much faster than the industry standard.

Relocation Consultants

We have handpicked, trained and nurtured a team of excellent professionals who are dedicated to offering exceptional service levels.

We have 15 full time relocation consultants placed in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town and a number of part-time consultants to meet larger demands and other South African locations.

All our services can be facilitated in English, German, French, Spanish, Afrikaans, Macedonian and Bulgarian.

Immigration Consultants

We have 2 registered immigration practitioners and 5 trained immigration consultants. We personally oversee all applications and chase them for speedy turnaround time at the Department of Home Affairs or the relevant missions abroad.

To date all our applications enjoy 100% approval rate by the Department of Home Affairs due to the fact that all our paperwork is prepared strictly according to the Immigration Act and our in depth knowledge of the process.

We also have a fantastic relationship with all officials at the Department of Home Affairs and the Missions abroad and can ensure the best turnaround times in the industry.


Throughout the years we have built excellent relationships with destination service providers in many countries worldwide. We regularly attend international industry conferences which open us to opportunities to meet and partner with the best relocation and immigration companies abroad.

We therefore offer to coordinate the expatriate movements worldwide through one contact person. Among the countries we offer our destination services are: UK, the whole of Europe, USA, Latin America, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, India, China, Qatar, and more.

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