Intriging Historical Facts about Johannesburg
  • In 1886, the largest gold reef ever was unearthed, attracting foreigners and locals in the unprecedented gold rush that extended across the world from Australia in the east to California in the west, founding Johannesburg (Joburg or Jozi), the economic and social hub of South Africa, which contains traces of every foreign culture.

  • The Johannesburg Stock Exchange was officially opened in 1888 with 123 members. By the end of 1889, the members had grown to 900, with over 300 mining companies listed.

  • Within 12 years of its development, Johannesburg was producing more gold than the whole of the USA.

  • The Transvaal Mining Argus reported on 21 September 1887, Johannesburg’s 1 year birthday: “….it (Johannesburg) can boast without egoism of its powerful growth and challenge the world to point to any other town that has developed so marvellously, physically, intellectually, socially, morally, religiously and commercially in the last 12 months of its existence, as Johannesburg has done. It has passed through all the stages from birth to maturity with a rapidity that has astounded the whole civilised world.”

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